Donating Our Profits

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”  – Mark Twain


Our profits provide food, medicine and other necessities for our local small dog rescue efforts! Here in the greater Phoenix area, there are available dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds… your new best friend is waiting for you at a local shelter or rescue organization. Check out the Arizona Small Dog Rescue or Lost Our Home Pet Rescue.

When I was envisioning Puppy Belly Deli, I wanted to create a business that would do more than just provide healthy, home-cooked meals and treats for dogs. Passionately aware of the epidemic of unwanted, abandoned, abused and over-bred dogs in every community, I wanted to help those who were providing care and adoption services for the distressed and “human-less” dogs within my own community. Deeply inspired by companies that donate 100% of their profits to charity, such as Newman’s Own, Duchy Originals, and Finnegan’s, Inc., we have decided to operate Puppy Belly Deli as a profit-donation business.

What is a profit-donation business, you ask? Well, it is a alternative kind of business model that empowers consumers to direct profits from the products they purchase to under-funded causes and charities. Through a profit-donation business, profits are channeled away from traditional corporate profit distribution and toward important causes like poverty alleviation, health care, animal cruelty and spay/neuter efforts. In this way, profit-donation businesses redefine how and why consumers buy their products. This will give our customers the assurance of our high-quality ingredients during market-price fluctuations while maximizing our donations to local rescue efforts. It might take a while to make a big difference, but every cracker, every meal, every jerky treat… every journey begins with a first step.

This is what Puppy Belly Deli is all about. Join us in providing basic necessities to ALL dogs while we provide exceptional nutrition to YOUR dog. Thanks… now let’s get to work!

Shelly and Miss Elizabeth (Taylor)… and our new AZ Small Dog Rescue adoptee Mr. Montgomery (as in Clift).