Why PBD?


The quality of Puppy Belly Deli’s ingredients are what sets our meals apart
from the rest. Many commercially processed dog foods keep their costs low by using the cheapest meat by-products, preservatives and fillers that are not suggested or safe for human consumption.  Designed by a canine nutritionist, Puppy Belly Deli’s meals are thoughtfully prepared to provide complete nutrition through a combination of the highest quality ingredients and FDA-certified supplements. We buy our from the same farmer’s markets and grocers where you shop for your family’s food. Sourced locally and organically whenever possible, our ingredients include grass-fed beef, all-natural chicken without antibiotics, preservatives or hormones, and wild-caught fish. If you wouldn’t eat it, why feed it to your best friend?

Convenient and Cost Effective

Preparing high quality meals for your best buddy can be time consuming. Not to mention confusing! How much and what to feed? What foods are healthy and safe for dogs? How do I provide balanced meals with all the essential nutrients? Puppy Belly Deli makes serving all-natural food, USDA certified for human consumption, just as convenient as commercially processed foods.  Cooked to order in re-sealable vacuum-sealed packages, it arrives at Mackie’s Parlour, ready for your freezer. From the market – through our kitchen – to their dinner bowl. It’s as easy as that.


Puppy Belly Deli’s food is cooked fresh, by hand, not processed by the ton in a factory. Gently cooked small batches means higher quality, fresher food that retains more of its nutritional value. Bought fresh and prepared in your town, no need to worry about shelf life or proper storage and transport.  We believe better food is a worthwhile investment in your dog’s health and happiness. An active 12-pound adult dog can eat our high-quality food from Puppy Belly Deli for less than $5 per day, or mix it with your favorite dry and make it last for days! The primary benefit of real, all-natural food is improved health over your trusty companion’s lifespan. Poor health has a high cost, whether through regular veterinary bills, expensive tests, surgeries or medications. Avoiding just one procedure or prescription through better nutrition would more than cover the cost of high-quality, fresh food. Of course, the potential to add years of health and happiness to your dog’s life is priceless.