I am going to write the very first testimonial. Hannah “The Blind Wonder Dog” came to me as a temporary foster-sitter for a few weeks. She started on our meals and immediately improved her digestion, her coat, her weight and her sociability. The power of healthy food helped Hannah reach her true potential as a perfect companion and an inspiration.  From the streets to good eats, Hannah is my shining light and forever friend. She is up for adoption this August… good luck, Hannah! Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Hannah has been adopted (9/12).  She found a wonderful home.  Congratulations, Hannah!

This is my new guy, Montgomery Clift.  This is a photo (left) from our first day at home.  He was thin, tearing, sneezing and dripping like it was allergy season on steroids.  After eating Puppy Belly Deli – morning, noon and night – he has cleared up quite handsomely.  Here he is (right) two months later.  Beef with Potato and Veggies is his favorite… but they are all his favorites, I think.  Looking pretty spiffy, huh?


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Three months ago, I turned to Puppy Belly Deli when my boxer Sasha was diagnosed with DM. Shelly was an incredible help in navigating through all the ins and outs to a change in Sasha’s nutrition. Shelly even provided me with ideas on the journey that is a dog with special needs. I only wish I had turned to Puppy Belly Deli sooner. Sasha LOVES the food and treats, her coat is bright and vibrant again, and her energy level has definitely increased. I can’t recommend Puppy Belly Deli highly enough. Sasha and I are so happy and thankful! Shelly, thank you for making such an incredible product and pouring your love into every puppy bite!

    • Stephanie! We love you here at Puppy Belly Deli. Thanks for your testimonial. You mean so much to us and we wish you and Sasha much happiness and great health. Glad to hear that our food made such a difference. Sloppy Puppy Kisses!!!

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