As owner and chef, I have been crazy about canine nutrition and home cooking for my little buddies for almost a decade.  

I invest so much time in my own whole and living foods diet, I couldn’t possibly feed my best friend smelly processed pellets from a bag that supposedly contained something called “meat by-products.”  I wanted my dog to eat meals that I could eat.  Food I could recognize… just by looking at it!  It sure made sense to me.   

As a baker, trained at The French Culinary Institute in New York City, I know the importance of gentle cooking techniques and quality ingredients in the meals I prepare for my loved ones. My cutie pups, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Taylor and Mr. Montgomery (Clift) and I, are excited to share with you the joys of healthy home-cooked meals… for dogs! 

Shelly and Lizzy and Monty